Xtreme Exhibits is Offering No-obligation Event Consultations

September 10, 2021

Xtreme Exhibits is here to help you land the opportunities that exist only when you are able to meet face to face with customers!  Whether you’re needing portable displays, fabric structures, or custom exhibits and graphics, Xtreme Exhibits is ready to serve you!

This vendor is offering no-obligation consultations for your live events and tradeshow marketing programs.  Contact them today for your own no-obligation consultation!

About Xtreme Exhibits

For over 20 years, Nimlok St. Louis / Xtreme Exhibits, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing creative, superior quality trade show displays, exhibits and environments that enable exhibitors to engage their customers in ways that are truly unique. We serve clients with a full spectrum and expansive range of exhibit design and display solutions and services. Visit our website to view the wide selection of trade show displays, trade show exhibits, architectural wayfinding signage, and fabric exhibit solutions!



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