Will Wichita Receive a New Convention Center?


With the construction the New Wichita ballpark, slated to open in April 2020, more proposals for Wichita’s renovation are currently under evaluation, from a new performing arts center, and a new convention center.

According to a statement released by The Wichita Eagle, Visit Wichita is having a difficult time attracting conventions and events to the Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center due to a competitive market that seeks out more modern facilities.

The Phase 1 Market and Economic Assessment of Wichita’s Convention Center Product suggests that of Wichita’s 170,000 square-foot convention center, only 63,500 of it is considered prime space.  And though much of the facility’s space is unusable by industry standards, the analysis concluded that CII’s weakest areas are the age, appearance, functionality, and aesthetics of the convention center.

Whether Wichita will receive a renovated conference center after the New Wichita ballpark is under question.  To see the full CII report, click here.



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