WalletHub Releases Halloween Spending & Financial Fears Survey


WalletHub recently announced the results of its nationally representative Halloween Spending & Financial Fears Survey, along with its picks for 2021’s Worst Credit Cards to highlight scary offers that people should avoid this holiday season.

Below are  key takeaways below from the survey it conducted:

  • Scary Debt: 43% of Americans are more afraid of credit card debt than covid.
  • Spooky Variants: 71% of Americans are afraid of new covid strains hurting the economy.
  • Horrific Finances: Almost a third of Americans think their finances are a horror show.
  • Less Fear About Kids’ Finances: 12 million fewer people are scared about their kids’ financial futures this year than last year.
  • Scariest Part of Halloween 2021: 61% more Americans think spending money is the scariest thing about Halloween this year compared to last year.

To see the full findings, visit WalletHub’s website.


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