Travel Index Shows Kansas’ Fluctuating Road Travel Statistics

Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index measures consumer road trips of 50 miles or more in all 50 U.S. states, with the data drawn from a panel of GPS signals representing road trips taken by car.  Arrivalist uses the following parameters to illustrate how road travel has increased or increased daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily Travel Index: A measure of the index value for a given day relative to average trip volume during the previous month’s average trips
Day of Week Change: Measures change in the index value for a given day compared to the same day, one week prior
Weekly Index Change: Measures change in the index value for the current rolling week compared to the previous 7 day period

The values below reflect Kansas’ daily, day of week, and week over week travel index that has fluctuated due to COVID-19:

Daily Travel Index Day of Week Index Change Week over Week Index Change
– 64.8% +7.2% -6.8%

To see a national map of road travel statistics, click here.



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