The Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Visitor Center and Museum is Now Open in Springfield!


After 18 months, the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Visitors Center reopened to the public with $3.5 million in new renovations.  This facility has, specifically, expanded its meeting and event space, making this venue a unique spot for your group to gather.

Some new additions include:

  • 1,800 square feet of exhibit space.
  • A large weapons display that showcases 80 percent of the park’s edged weapons and firearms that transformed the outcome of the war, including a rare 1860 Henry Rifle.
  • The original “Lyon bed,” where the body of Union General Nathaniel Lyon was laid after his death during the Battle of Wilson’s Creek.
  • More curatorial space to provide adequate and updated compact storage for the collection’s artifacts, many of which are irreplaceable.
  • Relocated restrooms for better visitor access and to meet ADA requirements.
  • HVAC with updated energy-efficient systems to protect the more than 8,500 artifacts and create a comfortable visitor atmosphere

To learn more about the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Visitors Centers, click here.


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