The Viticus Center: Vitalizing Veterinary Education


by Kaitlyn Wallace

Wet labs, cadavers, complex simulations— these are not elements that readily come to mind when most planners describe common elements of their events. Yet for medical meeting planners, these elements, along with a complex legal landscape and coordination of complicated and expensive conference activities, are an everyday occurrence.

These complexities are only compounded when planners and facilities also work with veterinary meetings and events, in which the financial resources may be more restricted and hands-on clinical skills training is essential.

This is where the Viticus Center comes in. Based in Las Vegas, the Viticus Center is one of the only facilities to cater to human medical and veterinary events year-round, with unparalleled access to hands-on bioskills training and in-house expertise on health-focused event planning. With access to a one-stop-shop facility for human medical and veterinary events, planners can sit back, relax, and focus on meeting the overarching goals of their clients with a smooth and seamless day-of-event experience.

Vital and Versatile

Perhaps the greatest draw to the Viticus Center is their highly curated equipment and facilities unique to the needs of health-centered meetings. Host of the WVC Annual conference, one of the largest and oldest veterinary health conferences in the country, the Viticus Center provides over 140,000 square feet of event space, surgery and radiology suites, a large animal facility, and more, making it the ideal environment for impactful and high-value health-focused continuing education.


“Viticus Group provides a completely unique venue for our clients,” says Andrea Davis, CEO of the Viticus Group, nonprofit leadership of the Viticus Center, “In addition to offering an extremely large space for our clients, we ensure we have all the necessary equipment to host up to 50 surgical stations per building, all necessary surgical equipment, lights, PPE, endless amounts of medical meeting space, a highly competent team to set up and plan all logistical needs, a full transportation fleet and drivers, in-house food and beverage staff, AV, meeting planners, and highly proficient bioskills and veterinary technician teams to assist with all our clients’ needs.” Few facilities can match this level of support, and even fewer can do it with the ease and enthusiasm of Viticus.

Dr. Douglas Aspros, Chief Veterinary Officer for Veterinary Practice Partners, agrees, noting that the Viticus Center has “pretty unparalleled facilities… We’ve been working with Viticus for a number of years for enhanced value programs— on communication, experiential learning, hands on dentistry and surgery. They have the ability to help you put together valuable and innovative programs that can handle pretty large groups. From faculty, to lecture rooms, to wet lab facilities, to transportation— they kind of do it all.”


Human medical and veterinary meetings can be incredibly difficult to pull off. From legislative restrictions to equipment procurement and set-up/structural differences, these types of events require a deep understanding of the medical landscape and a practiced system for pulling off complicated sessions. By taking on the logistical burden of human medical and veterinary meetings, the Viticus Group allows clients and planners to focus on their overarching educational and experiential goals while providing a seamless didactic and clinical experience for attendees.


The Viticus Group, however, is so much more than meeting space and facilities. The Viticus Center is also unique in its approach to meeting planning. Andrea Davis, CEO, describes this approach as a “one stop shop. All needs are taken care of for our clients, from arranging transportation, to the set-up of labs, to the meals, to the concierge and everything else that goes into medical and veterinary meetings and events.”

Dr. Jeff Ullmer, Director of Practical Medical Training for Veterinary Emergency Group, agrees with this assessment, noting that “the Viticus Group has been extremely accommodating with us in allowing us the freedom and flexibility to have animal and cadaver labs, seminar-based sections, and to really tailor the experience to what we’re looking for… They’ve been really open to allowing us to work towards our goals. Many other veterinary CE providers are looking to give us their experience or sell us their educational program, which may not necessarily meet our goals, but Viticus has been flexible in facilitating our experience for us. We don’t have to compromise our goals.”


Leadership and Impact

CE is an incredibly important aspect of veterinary education in particular. With more limited budgets than human medical conferences, and with a pressing need to impart clinical skills, veterinary conferences have the potential to directly influence the quality of care of animal patients across the country. There is an urgent need in the field of veterinary medicine to provide high-quality, innovative education to new graduates and practiced veterinarians alike. With experienced staff and the perspective of nonprofit leadership, the Viticus Center is uniquely situated to lead the field in filling this niche and closing the generational experience gaps that are increasingly characterizing the field of veterinary medicine.

Though diving into health-focused conferences can be stressful for even the most experienced planners and clients, finding a partner with both knowledge and practice can help. With the Viticus Center, planners and clients can be assured that their event will not only be seamless, but will practically improve patient care for years to come.

Viticus Center Contact Information

Viticus Group Education Centers | Oquendo Center
2425 East Oquendo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89120

Viticus Group Education Centers | Eastern Center
5810 S Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

For inquiries, call (702) 739-6698 or email


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