The Radisson Branson Creates Light Display Message Using Hotel Rooms

To spread appreciation for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Radisson Branson illuminated the message “We (heart) U” through its hotel room windows.  This message has a very symbolic meaning, which was outlined by Joel Knoblauch, Human Resources Administrator for Combs Hospitality, to Tim Church with the Branson Tri Lake News.

“The meaning of the ‘We’ in our windows signifies the many people that make the Radisson Hotel what it is, and for that, we’re very fortunate,” said Knoblauch. “All the way from our ownership, Combs Hospitality, and our upper management team, to the tremendous number of team members that are suffering right now.”

Out of Radisson Branson’s 150 employees, almost all were furloughed, Knoblauch explains.

“We chose to outline our heart in blue for our healthcare workers to share our sincere thanks and gratitude… {The U} represents our appreciation to all the other essential business or service workers who go to work every day, because they’re in the essential business that they’re in.  And for all the thousands of volunteers that have gone above and beyond to help those that aren’t able to help themselves right now.”

The Radisson Branson intends to illuminate their hotel’s window message every night until all of Branson recommences business.  To see other initiatives the hotel is taking to show Branson support during COVID-19, visit


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