The Cape City Hall Renovation Project is Progressing Timely

Photo courtesy of Penzel Construction

According to the Southeast Missourian, the $12 million renovation of Cape Girardeau’s city hall is well underway.  This project involves revamping the Common Pleas Courthouse and the 7,770 square-foot Annex building, in addition to constructing a connecting structure.  It is estimated that these new facilities will be ready to use by Fall 2021, and once this redevelopment is complete, all municipal offices will move out of the current site.

Though it is still determined what will go in this refurbished space, a few ideas are circling around, such as converting the present city hall back into a school again, or a mixed-use property with retail and residential areas.  It has been confirmed that this redevelopment will result in a newly built parking structure, though.

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