Technology Becomes Vital Tool for Travel Managers as Business Travel Returns


Since returning from the pandemic and encountering inflation, supply disruptions, and airline shortages, travel companies are beginning to update their travel policies, supplier relationships, and technology requirements. Travel and technology are directly impacted by the fluctuating current events and questions continue to rise about the best ways to move forward in the travel industry.

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and FCM recently released a new study – “The Evolution of Travel Program Technology”- that explores the impact of technology on travel management companies (TMC) and traveler experiences.

During the pandemic, the use of technology drastically increased as travelers were forced online to plan trips with contactless and touchless requirements. Technology continues to be the most vital factor for travel managers. Nearly all travel programs use an online booking tool instead of the less frequently used report dashboards, single-use virtual payments, and re-shopping tools. According to the study, “three in five (59%) travel managers include technology as one of the most important factors when selecting a TMC.”

Given the fast-paced technological changes, keeping efficient travel programs and updating traveler communications are essential tasks for TMCs.

“The rapid pace of technological innovation presents tremendous opportunities for travel managers and managed travel programs as we return to business travel,” said Marcus Eklund, Global Managing Director, FCM. “The study shows that on average nine in 10 global travel managers say a consistent technology experience is of utmost importance. It is essential TMCs be at the forefront of technological advancements to advise travel managers and help solve corporate global travel challenges.”

To view more information and key highlights of the study, click here.


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