Tech Talk: Meeting Software Overview, Virtual Reality, and Meeting Planner Apps


Meeting Software Overview

The meetings and events industry had to quickly adapt virtual gatherings, due to the inability to meet face-to-face.  Even the companies that solely relied on in-person functions, with no prior knowledge about virtual meetings, had to immerse themselves in the realm of digital get-togethers.

Below is a chart that reflects commonly used virtual meeting platforms with features that are unique to each of them.

Platform Unique Features Contract Price Website
Adobe Connect Micro-sites, manage emails, measure engagement, virtual rooms Monthly and annual subscriptions Starts at $50/month
Google Meet Integration with Google and Microsoft Office apps, live captioning during meetings N/A Free
GoToMeeting Automatically transcribed meetings, drawing tools, cloud recording Monthly and annual subscriptions Starts at $14/month
Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype for business) App integration, workflow automation, share assignments Annual subscription Starts at $5/user/month
Zoom Zoom Rooms customized backgrounds, annotation tools Monthly and annual subscriptions Starts at $14.99/month


Virtual Reality

Another trend that is emerging, and will continue to grow more mainstream, in the meetings and events industry is the use of virtual reality (VR).  As organizations increasingly embrace digital platforms to convey ideas at group functions, this innovation will, invariably, be used to illustrate concepts under development and engage attendees in teambuilding exercises.

Below are various VR technologies that are already being used at events:

Exit Wing 

This booth is a large, eye catching setup that utilizes VR.  With a monitor situated in the booth that displays what the user is seeing, and the option to display branded banners on all three sides of this VR station, Exit Wings create an immersive experience that could vividly convey product demonstrations and venue tours.  This VR method would especially communicate ideas effectively for group presentations due to its high visibility.

Exit Reality BoothPhoto courtesy of Meeting Today

Virtual Reality Kiosks

For companies who are opting for a smaller, yet just as effective, VR setup, Virtual Reality Kiosks include a monitor, speaker, and monitor stand, in addition to the VR goggles.  This display would double as an interactive sales tool that would engage attendees alongside booths.

VR kiosk

Photo courtesy of Meeting Today

Virtual Reality Headsets

Companies aiming to immerse prospects one-by-one, may benefit from utilizing Virtual Reality Headsets.  Rather than multiple attendees analyzing what a user is experiencing, this innovation limits VR to one person at a time, and it is a sensible technology to use if there are space constraints.  VR headsets would be a sensible resource to pass around in an occupied boardroom or to potential prospects at a tradeshow.

VR headset

Photo courtesy of Meeting Today

Meeting Planners Apps

There are many mobile apps that can help meeting and event planners become more efficient at their job, whether it may be during the pre-planning process or on the day of the company function.

Super Planner

This app can be recognized as the meeting planner’s toolbox.  Super Planner includes “calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection, and dance floor, as well as useful tips and planning recommendations.”

Unified Remote

The Unified Remote app makes transitions between presentation slides flow smoother by pairing a designated phone to PowerPoint and Google Slides; hence, the phone becomes the slide controller.  This app also contains several other customized remotes that pair to web browsers and video software.


EventOrg is an app that allows event planners to create their own custom, user-friendly event apps.  Event planners can include a diverse range of functionality within their app, including digital badges, attendee chat rooms, presentations/video content, and more.


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