Tech Spotlight: Robots? In our Industry, Hotel-Bots

By Olivia Orman

Technology has drastically transformed every industry within the past couple of decades. International Business Machines (IBM) released its first personal computer (PC) in 1982, and from this innovation, came an exponential wave of advancements that still persist today. Almost every type of organization and association has a department that conducts business on a computer, as technology has become a necessity for productivity in the world today. Some industries are beginning to expand their technological scope on a much larger scale than we have ever seen before; in a way that would’ve appeared unforeseeable in the 1980s – early 2000s.

Employees in the hotelier industry are faced with many challenges. Owners and General Managers strive to create the most welcoming environment they possibly can, boost productivity among staff, and generate more revenue as they approach a variety of challenges all at once. To execute these goals and courtesies simultaneously, the hospitality staff must get creative to complement their busy agenda while improving upon it. This is where the Hotel Delivery Robot provides a helping hand.

Relay being loaded

Savioke is a robotics company that is supplying their Hotel Delivery Robots to the hospitality industry. Rather than the hotel staff scrambling all over the building, rushing amenities from room to room, the Hotel Delivery Robot will resume responsibility for this task. According to the company’s prototype pamphlet:

“With almost no setup or training required, these robot helpers navigate autonomously from the front desk and operate elevators to safely and quickly make deliveries to guestrooms. Autonomous delivery robots use cameras and sensors to avoid walls, people, luggage, laundry carts, or any other obstacles, and are designed to be friendly, polite, and helpful (similar to a service dog).”

Relay towel delivery

Because the Hotel Delivery Robot can take care of the more distracting obligations, the hotel can cut back on labor costs and see a greater return on investment (ROI). Savioke’s Hotel Delivery Robot pamphlet states a quantitative, realistic example of how a hotel could experience significant growth from integrating the Hotel Delivery Robot:

“A hotel with an average of 20 guestroom deliveries per day could easily see a $8,315/year ROI just in labor costs by adding a delivery robot to the team. If the average round trip delivery cycle time from the front desk to the guest room and back is 20 minutes, it means that a hotel staff member will spend nearly 7 hours a day or 2,433.3 hours per year away from the front desk each day just to deliver incidentals to guests. At a wage of $13.28/hour (based on Glassdoor salary analysis of the average salary of US Hotel Front Desk staff), the property is spending $32,315K in labor per year on guestroom deliveries.”

The future of productivity and profitability, in the hotelier industry, could be the Hotel Delivery Robot. Stay tuned for upcoming issues to see updates on this new, technological innovation.


Olivia Orman, [email protected], is a contributing writer from St. Louis, Missouri.

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