Survey Shows an Increase Meeting Planners Facilitating Face-to-Face Events


i-Meet and EproDirect recently released its week 53 survey results, showing how meeting planners are increasingly bringing back their group’s face-to-face events.  i-Meet’s Planner Confidence Index is based on a weekly survey that records the evolving opinions of meeting professionals on when they expect to resume F2F events.  The survey began the first week of April 2020.

  • 89% of planners currently have events booked and contracted for the future.
  • 58% of planners have RFPs in progress for future live events.
  • 2021 Breakdown:  Q2 (12%); Q3 (23%); Q4 (29%); in 2022 (39%)

76% of respondents anticipate they will resume F2F events sometime in 2021.

  • The top answers for resuming F2F events are Q4 2021 (35%) and Q3 2021 (21%).
  • 21% expect to wait until 2022 to resume F2F events
  • Uncertainty around a time to resume F2F events is at 3% (4% last survey).
  • Top answers for returning to at least 80% of pre-COVID annual levels: 2023 (84%); 2022 (61%); 2021 (22%)


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