Successfully Working Tradeshows Now Available for Purchase


Richard Avdoian, Founder/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute, releases a quick reference guide entitled Successfully Working Tradeshows.  A guide for business owners, corporations, and associations, Successfully Working Tradeshows provides proven insights into how to achieve actual results from these events.

While expos and tradeshows can help professionals garner attention toward their company’s products/services, these events provide the opportunity to establish relationships and share information that compels their prospects to take action.  However, the large expense of attending tradeshows demonstrates the importance of thought and preparation before making a commitment to achieve the best ROI.

Despite how expos and trade shows came to a halt in 2020, these events continue to provide one of the best ways for professionals to instill brand recognition, introduce new products/services, network, and find leads.  To learn more about Successfully Working Tradeshows, email


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