STL Polyjack Leading the Way for St. Louis Concrete Leveling

September 3, 2020

The Gateway Arch is one of St. Louis’ most revered attractions, and it hosts some of the largest events in the area that involve thousands of visitors entering and exiting the park grounds in a single day. The large, thick commercial concrete slabs at the two main entrances allow access to the National park from the city, and there was a point where these large slabs began to crack.  This created a potential tripping hazard for visitors; thus, there needed to be a quick safety resolution without closing access to the park.  This problem needed a quick solution without closing access to the park. That solution came in the form of an eco-friendly, injected structural polyurethane foam.

Entrance Repairs

This project was carried out by STL Polyjack, a St. Louis-based concrete-leveling company that specializes in chemical injection with polyurethane resins for commercial applications. The whole process took less than a few hours and allowed continued access to the park, while simultaneously lifting and leveling the oversized slabs without damaging any surrounding infrastructure. They only needed to drill a few small ⅜” holes in strategic locations for the resin to flow through and engage in the chemical reaction of expansion below the slabs. The cleanup was swift because the only onsite equipment that was needed was the injection gun and hose leading to their proprietary self-contained pump rig trailer.

Widespread Restoration

Efficiently managing operations and providing cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions for the commercial and residential sectors such as soil stabilization, erosion control, and concrete leveling became the forefront of STL Polyjack’s ideology. STL Polyjack was established to reinforce, repair, and rehabilitate aging infrastructure, ranging from concrete runways, railways, seawalls, and warehouses, to manufacturing facilities, dams, or sewer systems. They embrace technology and processes from around the world to efficiently strengthen infrastructure around the country without further burdening the environment. STL Polyjack only uses NSF ANSI 61 certified Polyurethane in all its projects.


Equally Noteworthy

STL Polyjack also specializes in seawall repair/stabilization and has worked on several other waterfront properties from the Gulf coast, to the Great Lakes, with an operating range of about 500 miles from St. Louis. They also have a satellite office in Biloxi, MS to support their customer base more efficiently in the Gulf Coast.  

Seawall Remediation Process

STL Polyjack’s seawall work is all done without having to excavate anywhere on the waterfront properties. Their team can do this because they use thermal imaging and soil probes to see water infiltration, void areas, and eroding soils below the surface. They then inject the areas with a water-activated, eco-friendly, soil stabilizing, and waterproofing resin that is similar to how they inject concrete. This material fills voids, strengthens soils, and seeks water infiltration to cut-off and seal. The best part is the material will last well over 100 years.

STL Polyjack is regarded as the top commercial and residential soil stabilization and concrete leveling company in St. Louis, and they employ an advanced form of mudjacking.

  • Industrial Work includes large scale Industrial waterproofing/leak sealing, floor repair, void filling, polyjacking, and leveling and joint protection. 
  • Commercial Work includes medium to large scale industrial waterproofing/leak sealing, floor repair, void filling, polyjacking, leveling, and joint protection. 
  • Residential Work includes a more permanent and less invasive alternative to mudjacking for driveway repair, sidewalk repair, Patio and Pool deck leveling, basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and concrete raising.


STL Polyjack is a firm that is ready to help businesses and people with their needs. If you are looking for a good Polyjacking and injection waterproofing specialist in and around St. Louis, contact them with the information below. 

Phone: (314) 488-2993

10232 Rahning Rd. Suite C | St. Louis, MO 63127

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