St. Louis to Land a Leading Role in the $2.1 Trillion Entertainment Industry

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Mary Kay Sheets is CEO and Co-founder of St. Louis Filmworks (SLFW).

St. Louis Filmworks (SLFW) is a new 501(c)(3) that is working to build a profitable film and digital media ecosystem in St. Louis.  Because of demand over the last year, current centers of production in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and New Mexico are at capacity. This is pushing the $49 billion film and production industry to markets such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

SLFW’s goal is to grow local talent and become an epicenter that attracts filmmakers from around the world to produce their content in Greater St. Louis.  The organization has already started taking initiative to attract, fund, mentor, prepare, launch, and support crews filming their media in the city.  Within the next 10-15 years, SLFW aims to brand St. Louis as a cutting edge, thriving, and sought-after entertainment production ecosystem.

As more film business is brought to Greater St. Louis, there will, in turn, be greater demand for meeting and event suppliers.  The city will see in increase in hotel rooms nights, onsite catering requests, audio/visual, signage and printing, and more.

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