St. Louis in Bottom Ranking of ‘Best Big Cities to Live In”

WalletHub, the personal finance website known for its studies which rank cities from best to worst in a variety of categories, recently released its study “Best Big Cities to Live In”. Overall, 62 different cities made the ranking. Top of the list was Seattle Washington, while Detroit Michigan came in dead last.

The study used a variety of different measures to compile the list including “Housing Affordability”, “Homeownership Rate”, “Income Growth”, “Crime Rate”, and “Restaurants per Capita.”

Saint Louis, Missouri did not fare well, ranking number 58 out of 62 cities. Kansas City, MO did score better at number 40 on the list. Both cities ranked bottom five in specific categories; Saint Louis was one of the highest crime rates along with  and Kansas City ranked in five worst cities for cyclists.

For a full look at the report click here. 

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