St. Louis’ Hotel Ignacio Permanently Closes Doors

On June 20th, Hotel Ignacio, a St. Louis boutique hotel near St. Louis University, announced its permanent closing.  The property is now referring business to the Angad Arts Hotel, which is located two blocks away from the former hotel and shared the same designer.

Stacey Howlett, General Manager of the Angad Arts Hotel, remarks, “We are deeply saddened by the closing of Hotel Ignacio. It is a big loss for our neighborhood and the team who worked there.”

“Hotel Ignacio may be one of the first economic casualties in downtown St. Louis that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic”, Joe Clote, Group Publisher of Missouri Meetings & Events magazine and the MEET publications, observes.  “The resourceful and determined leaders in our industry must open and support the hospitality business community, thus preventing additional closures locally and nationally.”

To learn more about the Angad Arts Hotel and the discounts they are giving past Hotel Ignacio guests, visit


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