St. Louis’ First Honey Festival


Dr. Patrick McGovern

St. Louisʼ first Honey Festival debuts during National Honey Month with nationally recognized speakers, VIP reception, honey and craft beverage sampling

The Saint Louis Beekeepers club, BeeSpeakSTL speaker series, and are partnering to put on a day of entertainment and information centered around honey, craft beverages and beekeeping. The day begins at noon at Maritz’ Burton Theater, 1355 North Highway Drive, Fenton, Missouri, with presentations and honey tasting.
The first presenter is Master mead maker Ken Schramm from Ferndale, Michigan, who will be sharing “Ancient Buzz, Modern Obsession” about the history of man’s domestication of bees leading up to the development of modern mead making. Ken will also touch on the opportunities and challenges of the mead industry as it grows and matures in the domestic and international beverage alcohol market.

The second and keynote presenter is Dr. Patrick McGovern from Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia will be speaking at 2:15 p.m. on “Uncorking the Past, The Quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages”. Dr. Pat is considered the “Indiana Jones of Ancient Ales” and will talk about his discovery of the world’s oldest fermented beverage, made with honey and rice, over 9,000 years old. Over 20 local honey entries will be available for sampling with a “People’s Choice” award winner. Local crafters, vendors and information tables will be available in this venue. Ticket price is $40.00, at

The VIP reception with food, mead sampling and book signings will be held at The Crestwood Barn, Thomas Sappington House Museum Complex at 1015 S.Sappington Road, St. Louis, Missouri from 4-7 p.m. The VIP reception will also feature a craft mead makers competition sponsored by Design2Brew. Tickets are $35.00, at through September 15th. Tickets for combined events are discounted to $65.00.

September is National Honey Month. For more information, see National Honey Board promotes Honey Month Honey can be used to enhance and preserve oods, but honey also has a long history of fermentation and is still a necessary sweetener to create alcoholic beverages such a mead (honey wine) and other ales, spirits and liquors. At Honey Festival, you can discover more uses of honey and other products of the hive, learn about keeping honey bees, and how you can help protect these critical pollinators. September 26th is also Smithsonian Day at the Thomas Sappington Museum, 1015 S. Sappington Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63126. The complex will be open to the general public, with free admission to the museum all day. For more information, contact Dana Jones at 314-822-8171.

HoneyFestival sponsors include:

The Barn in Crestwood Restaurant – The Barn, Crestwood, MO

Design2 Brew –

WholeFoods, Town & Country – Wholefoodsmarket

Saint Louis Beekeepers –

Culinary Institute – Culinary Institute St. Louis

Missouri Meetings and Events Magazine –

Spectrum Eyeglass Repair – Spectrumeyeglassrepair

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