Saint Charles’ Legends & Lanterns Event is Still In-Person This October

October 16, 2020

Saint Charles is hosting its Legends & Lanterns festival for the fifth year!  Below are more details about the dates, times, and activities that will be offered at this function.


Saturday, October 10 * 11am-6pm  /  Sunday, October 11 * 12-5pm

Saturday, October 17 * 11am-6pm / Sunday, October 18 * 12-5pm

Friday, Oct. 23 * 5-8pm / Saturday, Oct. 24 * 11am-8pm / Sunday, Oct. 25 * 12-5pm

About Legends & Lanterns 

Since its inception, the Legends & Lanterns festival’s unique celebration of all things All Hallow’s Eve has experienced it all.  But this year, as we commemorate our fifth anniversary season, our merry band of misfits have come face to face with their most dastardly foe yet… the plague!

We beg your indulgence during this season of peculiarities as you note that some of your favorite activities may be experiencing alterations or in some cases, postponed until next year.  This year, our Legends will be wearing face coverings and at specific locations behind decorative barriers to keep everyone safe.  We invite you to enjoy this Contactless Festival Experience and practice safe behaviors during your visit.

Rest assured, our kooky troupe of ghostly guests have assembled, merging their powers, and casting aside old rivalries (for the most part) in order to provide a memorable and safe expEERIEence.  May their ghoulish antics allow you to forget, if only for a moment, the troubles of the real world as we welcome you into our fantasy realm where witches reside in candy cottages and talking wolves dress like grannies.

To see the activities that will be taking place at this event, click here.


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