Restaurant Injuries Down, but Mental Stress Increases, According to Report


Since 2021, restaurant injuries have decreased below pre-pandemic numbers. But specific injuries such as fainting, inflammation, strains, and mental stress have risen drastically due to multiple factors like labor shortages and the fluctuating workforce.

According to a recent restaurant risk report from AmTrust Financial Services, reported restaurant injuries dropped 25% during 2020 and remained at -5% in 2021. Although the reported injuries in restaurants decreased, mental stress significantly increased to 71%, with 170,000 claims examined in 2021. “Restaurant workers can face high-stress levels, especially with staffing shortages,” said Matt Zender, senior vice president at AmTrust. “Restaurateurs should lean on their onboarding experience to ensure employee safety.”

The most common cause of injury in a restaurant is a cut, and injuries are the highest reported in July due to seasonal staff having less experience and training. September, November, January, and February tend to have the least number of injuries reported.

The increase in mental stress and other disruptions to the restaurant industry have impacted risk management and hazard assessments. According to Marsh’s 2022 Restaurant Risk Management Survey, 49% of restaurants have not conducted formal hazard assessments of exposures for injuries. Hazard assessments identify risk exposures within the restaurant process and help reduce the total cost of risk. The survey also found an increase in restaurants that experienced rising liability claims from third-party delivery personnel, jumping to 45% in 2022. Specialty coverage also increased within the industry, with 97% of companies purchasing cyber coverage in 2022.


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