Resources for Meeting Professionals on the Ebola Situation

cicThe Convention Industry Council is monitoring this situation closely and are receiving updates from the Meetings Mean Business Coalition, CIC members, U.S. Travel Association and American Hotel and Lodging Association, as well as government agencies to provide you with the very latest travel information regarding the Ebola outbreak.

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Centers for Disease Control, along with the newly appointed Ebola Czar, are working together to manage and stop the spread of the Ebola virus. We will continue to defer to these experts and follow their direction on any travel protocols and precaution.

We are confident in the policies, procedures, and protocols that have been established to identify travelers who may have a communicable disease, keeping travelers safe and out of harm’s way.

As of now, we have been assured that travel and the meetings industry remain unaffected.
The CDC is not currently recommending a travel ban, nor restriction of meetings or meeting attendance. It is important for those considering traveling or attending meetings to listen to government and health officials and make their decisions based on the facts and not opinion or hyperbole from other sources. It is also important to underscore that the White House and the nation’s top health officials have emphasized that the dangers of a serious outbreak in this country remain extraordinarily low.  Read more here

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