Report Shows States Hit the Hardest by COVID-19’s Impact on Tourism


Wallethub recently released a report that displays COVID-19’s nationwide impact on tourism.  To determine how severely COVID-19 has impacted tourism in each state, the following metrics were factored into the calculations:

  1. Share of Businesses in Travel & Tourism-Related Industries
  2. Share of Employment in Travel & Tourism-Related Industries
  3. Share of Travel & Tourism Industry Generated GDP
  4. Travel & Tourism Consumer Spending per Capita
  5. Share of Consumer Expenditures on Travel
  6. Spending Per Travel Employee
  7. Default Probability on Loans of Businesses in Travel & Tourism Industry
  8. Presence of Mandatory Quarantine for Travelers
  9. Presence of Stay-at-Home Order
  10. Most Aggressive States Against the Coronavirus

With rankings closer to “1” being the states that have a further impacted tourism industry, and “52” being the states that have a lesser impacted tourism industry, Kansas had a low/central ranking compared to the rest of the nation.  The following chart reflects the impact COVID-19 has inflicted upon Kansas tourism:

Kansas’ Impacted Tourism Industry Rankings

OverallRank Total Score ‘State Dependency on Travel and Tourism’ Rank ‘State Aggressiveness Against Coronavirus’ Rank
36 39.33 39 19

To view the full report, click here.



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