Report Reveals Kansas March Hotel Occupancy Compared to Previous Year

The 2020 State of Kansas Hotel Report created by STR compares Kansas’ hotel performance in March 2020 to its hotel performance in March 2019.  The following fluctuations occurred over the period of a year:

The occupancy % in Kansas is currently -32.3%.  In March 2019, Kansas saw 56.6% occupancy, and this rate lowered to 38.3% occupancy in March 2020.  The occupancy % YTD has gone down by -12.3%.  Kansas was at 49.7% occupancy YTD for 2019, and it has decreased to 43.6% occupancy YTD for 2020 thus far.

The average daily rate has experience at -10.7% ADR change.  In March 2019, Kansas was at $88.82, and this value has decreased to $79.35 in March 2020.  In addition, a -3.6% average daily rate YTD was calculated for Kansas between 2019 and 2020.  The 2019 YTD value was $86.87, and this value decreased to $83.74 in 2020.

The Kansas RevPAR has seen the most significant change due to these lower occupancy rates and lower average daily rates, with the current RevPAR down -39.5%.  The March 2019 RevPAR was $50.28, and this value decreased to $30.41 in March 2020.  The RevPAR YTD has seen a -15.4% change, with the 2019 YDT value being $43.70 and the 2020 value decreasing to $36.50.

To view an infographic of these statistics, click here.



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