Record Event Growth Reported in the First Half of 2024


The event landscape has seen a significant transformation in the first half of 2024, according to a recent report from Bizzabo, an event management software. Bizzabo customers expanded their event portfolios by 52% compared to the same period in 2023. This notable growth highlights a broader industry trend towards regional, year-round engagement strategies.

Enterprise and Mid-Market Organizations Leading the Growth
Enterprise and mid-market organizations are at the forefront of this increase in event activity. From January to May, enterprise companies, defined as those with 2,500 or more employees, hosted an average of 16 events, marking a 52.4% rise from 2023. Mid-market organizations, with 1,000 to 2,499 employees, saw an even more impressive growth, hosting an average of 11 events—a 112% increase.

The Return of In-Person Events
In-person events have made a notable comeback, growing by 40.3% in the first five months of 2024. This resurgence underscores the continued importance of face-to-face interactions in creating meaningful event experiences. While the number of virtual events remained relatively stable, declining slightly by 0.8%, it is evident that organizations are eager to hold in-person meetings.

The Rise of Regional Events
A significant trend observed is the growth of regional field marketing events. These intimate gatherings, typically with fewer than 150 registrations, increased by 60% between January and May. Enterprise customers hosted an average of nine of these events, while mid-market customers hosted an average of 10.

This shift towards regional events is integral to the trend of holistic, year-round event portfolios. Traditionally, January, February, and March are not considered part of the “spring events season,” yet there was a 54.8% increase in in-person events during Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023. January alone saw an 84.5% rise in events. Enterprise companies hosted an average of six smaller in-person events in Q1, a 76.5% increase, while mid-market organizations held an average of seven, a remarkable 217.4% rise.

The first half of 2024 has demonstrated a robust return to in-person and regional events, driven by enterprise and mid-market organizations. As companies continue to value personal connections and regional engagements, the trend towards year-round event portfolios is set to redefine the event industry landscape.


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