POWERplex Proposes Idea for Drive-in Graduations

The St. Louis POWERplex youth sports destination has proposed the idea of drive-in graduations to encourage physical distancing, while still allowing high school seniors to walk at graduation.

According to POWERplex, these drive-in graduations will take place at the St. Louis Outlet Mall.  There will be a parking field that accommodates 800+ cars, student seating, the main stage, two video trucks on either side, two screens beside the main stage, and concessions and porta-potties on either side.

With 800+ cars parked in the designated area, and four guests per car, these drive-in graduations can withstand 3,400 guests while promoting physical space.  In addition, graduates are going to be seated in pods of 40 to maintain public health and social distancing rules.

To learn more about this one of a kind graduation, contact Dan Buck at [email protected] or call 314-528-2020.


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