Polsinelli Healthcare Solutions


Polsinelli, an Am Law 100 firm, announced the establishment of Polsinelli Healthcare Solutions (PHS), a healthcare consulting entity that assists clients with a range of healthcare strategic and operational issues.

The new consulting entity will capitalize on experience in the firm’s top-ranked healthcare legal and policy groups, while emphasizing pragmatic guidance and assistance to help clients develop and implement their business strategies to succeed in today’s rapidly-changing health care environment.

“We launched Polsinelli Healthcare Solutions to help meet our clients’ demands for assistance that extends beyond legal advice, to assistance focused on business strategies and actions to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities,” said Polsinelli Health Care Department Chair Matt Murer. “With experience in multiple healthcare industry sectors, PHS team members bring practical experience and strategic insights to bear when helping healthcare providers and other clients execute on key strategic initiatives and solving their most complex problems. We’re pleased to have a deep bench of advisors who can assist our clients when they require assistance beyond that available in a traditional law firm.”

Polsinelli Healthcare Solutions will initially draw from a group of advisors with an average of 18 years of consulting, public policy, clinical leadership or other experience in the healthcare industry.

“Our consulting group will capitalize on our experience in addressing a variety of challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry today, including: alignment, clinical integration and alternative payment models; HIPAA data security and privacy; FDA approvals; licensure and enrollment; pharmacy operations and 340B compliance; payer contracting and disputes, including reimbursement analysis and strategy support; and analysis, alliance building and government relations,” said Murer.

The Polsinelli Healthcare Solutions group is focused on providing healthcare providers and organizations hands-on assistance and practical solutions.

“We look forward to working closely with our client base by assisting with problem-solving that can capitalize on our diverse experiences and deep knowledge in healthcare,” added Murer. “That can range from working with healthcare organizations boards and leadership on high-level strategies to succeed in value-based care, providing operational assistance on FDA approvals, health care licensure and enrollment, or advising on payer strategy and disputes.”

Polsinelli Healthcare Solutions help to strategically position health organizations and other stakeholders working across the continuum of care to succeed in the next generation of payment reform, innovation and oversight.

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