Pharmacy ‘Vending Machines’ are Making their Way to Hotels


When your group is checking into a hotel for your next meeting or event, keep an eye out for a new convenience that is becoming more prevalent in lobby areas.  Pharmacy ‘vending machines’ contain essential hygiene and travel products such as shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, common medications, and deodorant; thus providing a new one-stop-shop for items you may have forgotten to pack or happen to run out of during your stay.

This CVS ‘vending machine’ works just like a vending machine for food.  The process is as simple as determining which item(s) you need, entering the item(s) code(s), paying with a credit card, and collecting your purchase(s).  They let you focus more on the subject matter of your meetings and worry less about the items for which you would otherwise need to make an outside trip to the pharmacy.


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