People Update: Sarah Pretorius


Sarah Pretorius is the CEO and Co-Founder of SipSteady, a women-owned business and the first Marketing & PR agency that exclusively partners with non-alcoholic beverage brands and sober-friendly businesses. Her diverse professional journey has always stemmed from a profound desire to impact the world positively.

For six years, Sarah refined her marketing and public relations expertise for for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She helped several CEOs become nationally recognized thought leaders through events and press coverage. Sarah’s experience with going alcohol-free inspired SipSteady after seeing how non-alcoholic brands are under-represented on menus in Kansas City and around the country. She’s passionate about helping non-drinkers feel seen and included.


For 20+ years, the MEET family of products have provided regional and national resources that have kept corporate, association, medical, education, independent, and religious meeting and event planners informed about relevant vendors, industry news, tech innovations, and resources that impact and influence how and where they plan their group business.

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