People Update: Craig Hall

The Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCCVB) is pleased to announce its recent hire of Craig Hall, who joined the JCCVB team as the new Sports Sales Manager. Hall will lead the charge in attracting new sporting opportunities to Jefferson City while offering an extensive range of services to ensure the events are successful.

“We are delighted to have Craig join the CVB in promoting Jefferson City as a sport tourism destination,” said Executive Director Diane Gillespie. “Craig brings sports knowledge to the position that will be a great service to the sports planners and bring events to Jefferson City. Being from Jefferson City, Craig has a passion and love for our community and wants to help create tourism for our city and county.”

Craig comes to the JCCVB with eight years of experience in the sports planning field. Recently, he was the Sports Director for the Jefferson City YMCA. While there, Craig directed all youth and adult sports within the organization, established special events such as the British Soccer Camp, and developed new programming such as the Youth Sports Camps and Soccer Academy, among others.


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