Out of This World


By Kaitlyn Wallace

We’ve all been there. No matter how fascinating a conference speaker may be, at one point or another, we find ourselves dozing off. It’s been a long day already– another day of travel, another day away from home, another hotel that despite its nice amenities feels slightly cold and impersonal. Something about the entire experience makes you want to put your head down and nap during the keynote speech.

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing that planners can do to avoid this slump. It can seem that no matter how nice a hotel is or how exciting the planned programming is, your attendees will simply reach a point of sleepiness that will drag down the energy of the day. Of course, this isn’t true. There are many ways to liven up a corporate meeting or event– fun breakout exercises, offsite bonding, and wise use of technology can all help mitigate that mid-day slump. Or you can do something that will really launch your event into the stratosphere– have it on the moon.

Enter the Moonrise Hotel, a whimsically designed space-themed hotel located in the heart of the St. Louis loop, a neighborhood full of weird and wacky activities for locals and visitors alike. With hip and funky decor from throughout the cosmos as well as unique space artifacts and memorabilia, the Moonrise hotel is sure to provide an exciting and stimulating environment to keep any guest engaged throughout their stay.



The journey into outer space begins as soon as you enter the hotel. A lighted staircase and constantly shifting iridescent walls greet the attendee at the entrance, followed by display cases of lunar toys, rare astronaut memorabilia, and space-themed jewelry and figurines. The experience continues in the Moonrise Hotel’s “out-of-this-world” boutique rooms, which include moon-themed art, rain showers, and top-shelf luxury amenities delivered with a whimsical twist. Among other conveniences, the Moonrise offers complimentary Wi-Fi, a 24-hour fitness center, a dry-cleaning service, and a variety of dining options. Among these is the Eclipse Restaurant, which offers locally sourced, organic upscale American fare in a timeless, playful setting. Other options for heavenly fare include the Twilight room, an indoor/outdoor rooftop offering small plates and cocktails, and the Rooftop Garden bar.

Meeting “Space”

With over 4,000 square feet of meeting space, the Moonrise Hotel has spaces for meetings and events large and small. From their more traditional offerings, like a boardroom and meeting rooms of different sizes, to more exotic outdoor and lounge spaces, the Moonrise Hotel can capture any ambience or event theme as well.

Even their more traditional offerings have a futuristic twist. For example, the Moonrise’s traditional boardroom is elevated by their high-tech smart board, personal charging stations, and custom catering bar, making even routine meetings feel like missions to Mars. This theme is also represented in the Moonrise’s two largest meeting rooms, the Apollo 11 and the Apollo 8, named for the first mission to land on the moon and the first manned space voyage, respectively. Contemporary artwork and illustrations of the galaxy bring a playfulness to the space that is sure to fascinate and engage your guests.

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The Moonrise Hotel also hosts a few non-traditional offerings, including the Twilight Room, an indoor/outdoor space on the rooftop with a star-speckled ceiling and glass-paneled walls. During beautiful St. Louis summers, the rooftop garden bar offers gorgeous views of the iconic skyline and is perfect for corporate happy hours and bonding events. The Eclipse Lounge is perhaps the most intimate space, providing a snug yet vivacious spot for after-hours deals and conversation.

Perhaps the most stunning “space” in the hotel, however, is the Gemini room, a breathtaking homage to the galaxy located in the lobby of the Moonrise. With black hardwood floors and accent walls framing soaring 12-foot ceilings, the Gemini room transports the attendee to the point in the galaxy far, far away from the mundane offerings of similar luxury meeting and events spaces. A 3D color-changing wall art adds drama and completes the attendees’ transportation into the world of outer space.

Galaxy Coordinates

Located in one of St. Louis’ most vibrant neighborhoods, the Moonrise Hotel provides its guests with a plethora of options for offsite bonding activities and after-hours social events. For guests looking to explore their musical portfolio, The Pageant and Delmar Hall (two of St. Louis’ most exciting and intimate concert venues) offer rotations covering a large variety of musical styles and are in easy walking distance from the Moonrise. A ten-minute walk away is Blueberry Hill, a St. Louis Landmark, restaurant, and music club.

Though the dining options may not span the universe, they certainly cover all corners of the earth. From Corner 17 representing Chinese cuisine and bubble tea, to Mission Taco presenting elevated street tacos and cocktails, to Fitz’s showcasing their brewery and famous smiley-face fries, your guests are sure to soak in the best food this galaxy has to offer– all without leaving the neighborhood.


Paws on the Moon

As we all know, a wide variety of animals have made the arduous journey into space and staying at the Moonrise is no different! As one of the top pet-friendly hotels in St. Louis, the Moonrise offers a dog or cat bed and food and water bowls for pets of any size. The Loop is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in St. Louis, with over 25 shops and restaurants welcoming your furry friends. If your attendees are traveling with furry family, there is no better place to stay than the Moonrise Hotel.

Back to Earth

Though the Moonrise specializes in extraterrestrial offerings, they remain passionate about life on earth as well. The Moonrise is proud to have the first restaurant and hotel roof made of solar panels in the US, with 107 glass solar panels providing green energy for the rooftop, bar, Twilight room, and two and half guest room floors. Additionally, the hotel has an electric vehicle charging station, which allows overnight guests to recharge their electric cars for free. The Eclipse restaurant strives to use locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients, and is a member of the Green Dining Alliance. Of course, the property also participates in recycling and composting, so guests can explore space while feeling content that the Moonrise Hotel is keeping the Earth safe for their return. The Moonrise also strives to remain involved in their earthly community with community partnerships with the St. Louis Stray Rescue Association, Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS), and the LGBT Community Center for Health.

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Out of This World

An adventure into unique and exciting events does not have to be light-years away. If you as a planner find yourself struggling to introduce novelty to your meetings and events, you may find the answer right in your backyard. With a passion for both the galaxy and our community on Earth, the Moonrise Hotel can fulfill your wildest dreams for out-of-this-world meetings and events with a fun and engaging twist for your attendees.


Kaitlyn Wallace is a contributing writer from St. Louis.

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