International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA)

June 1, 2007

For three days every October hundreds of entertainment industry professionals gather in Nashville, Tennessee. Around this town that is not an uncommon sight. Yet, it is rare to see a gathering as professionally diverse as this one – iebaLIVE!, the International Entertainment Buyers Association (ieba) conference.  Artists, managers, publicists, lawyers, producers and others with ties to the entertainment industry meet for three intense days of education, networking and spectacular performances from top-tier artists.

iebaLIVE! sounds like a party for which many of us would only dream of receiving an invitation. However, for the lucky members of ieba, this is an annual event, and probably the most enjoyable benefit of their association membership. The conference offers a series of educational seminars during all three days of the event. Another priority of the gathering is to showcase hot tickets and up-and-coming talent. Participants can expect to experience numerous performances highlighting a variety of musical genres.

Membership Benefits

Membership in ieba is more than a multi-day party. The association offers many membership benefits:

• Professional Education: Members have access to training on topics such as contracting, industry problems, sponsorships, promotions, legislative affairs and more through iebaLIVE! and at meetings held by other organizations such as CMA and IAFE.

• Updates on Legislative Affairs: ieba provides members regular updates on congressional and state-level legislation that may impact the industry. Each update includes information to help members understand the legislation and its importance.

• Legal Counsel: Members have access to the law firm of Jack, Lyon & Jones, P.A. The firm is available for entertainment-industry legal questions and also deals with labor and employment matters.

• Mediation: Growing and maintaining relationships is important in the entertainment industry. This is why ieba offers a Grievance Committee to its members. Committee members are experienced professionals with a proven ability to resolve problems such as contract breaches, no-shows, payment disputes and contract interpretation before litigation becomes necessary.

• Communication: Since members officially gather only once a year, ieba produces a monthly newsletter to keep everyone connected. The ieba NEWS provides industry updates as well as artist and member profiles.

• Access: Members receive free or discounted access to one of the industry’s top online services –CelebrityAccess.

A Little History

Legendary country music buyer and producer Harry “Hap” Peebles started ieba in 1971. His goal was to provide a way for country music talent buyers to connect. In the late 1990s the group expanded to include a variety of genres beyond country music. Today the 700-member group is open to any professional associated with the entertainment industry and highlights a broad range of entertainers across the world.

Becoming a Member

Members include talent buyers and sellers, artists, managers, agents, venue managers, entertainers, lawyers, entertainment reporters, publicists, audio visual technicians and producers. The association divides membership into two categories:

• Active – Open to anyone primarily engaged in buying, producing and directing entertainment talent.

• Associate – Open to anyone whose primary interest in the industry is selling and promoting talent and other related, supportive interests such as management, legal, promotional and equipment.

All membership applications must be approved by the membership committee. For more information on becoming a member, visit


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