Society of Incentive and Travel Executives (SITE)

December 30, 2010


Today businesses are more concerned than ever with results. One way of achieving results is through motivational experiences. Members of the Society of Incentive and Travel Executives (SITE) understand the connection between motivational experiences and maximizing business results. As meeting, travel and event professionals with a focus on incentive travel, they see how workplace performance is enhanced when employees are motivated through opportunities such as motivational experiences.

SITE members are charged with delivering those results on a daily basis. Thankfully, they have an organization to help them make the connections and learn the skills necessary to create the best motivational experiences possible. Steve O’Malley, senior vice president at Maritz Travel and general manager of Maxvantage, understands the importance of SITE membership, “As a practitioner in the incentives and motivational events marketplace, SITE is a convenient and powerful place for me to get the ideas, resources and relationships to provide my clients with the best possible incentive solutions.”

Conferences, events, educational sessions and chapter meetings provide members with numerous opportunities to grow professionally. Young professionals have a special opportunity with the Young Leaders present Academies to learn the skills that will help them become the industry leaders of tomorrow. Members also have access to practical resources such as the SITE Index. “The SITE index is an ongoing series of studies on the motivational events industry that provides meaningful and actionable data to members and the industry as to what trends and hallmark issues need to be addressed,” explains O’Malley. “The results are not ethereal or academic, but provide users with direction they need to take immediately to improve their incentive efforts.”

SITE is especially attentive to ethical standards and ensuring members are of the highest caliber. Each new member must be recommended by a current member in good standing. This means members are not only the best in their field, they are respected by their peers. SITE’s more than 1,800 members come from 90 different countries and 34 chapters. The United States has ten chapters. Missouri does not have a chapter, but participates in activities through the Chicago chapter as well as chapters across the globe. For more information about SITE, visit To become a member, email [email protected]

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