OMNIEVENT® is Offering Live Demos for its Event Software


OMNIEVENT® is offering FREE, live demos of its online and onsite event software for meeting planners!  With a complete range of event registration software and services, the technology is adaptable to any event size or scope and delivers top-dollar performance without the reckoning! Our customer service experts can help you choose the right services for your specific needs.

Online Registration
Whether it’s a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, OMNIEVENT®’s cloud-based event registration software checks all the online registration boxes, delivering flexibility and convenience to the event organizer. Professional, responsive, and interactive self-check-in kiosks and online registration pages, tailored to meet your requirements and budget, will have you wondering why you ever did it differently.

Onsite Show Management
OMNIEVENT®’s onsite event management software has been proven to reduce check-in lines and wait times for attendees. The cloud-based system displays real-time information and registration reports providing all the data tracking you need without any lapses! Whether securely processing payment information, verifying credentials, or registering someone onsite, this software will keep your attendees and staff happy with its simple and secure event registration solutions.

For any questions, contact Mike Bishop at and/or Jeremy Adell at  Visit their website at for more details.

To schedule a live demo, click here.


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