NYC Comptroller Responds to Airbnb’s Claims That Report on Effect of Housing Market Is False

In a scathing op-ed piece for the New York Daily News entitled, “Why is Airbnb afraid of the truth? The home-sharing site is driving up rents, and hiding facts about its activity in NYC”,  Scott Stinger, a New York City Comptroller responds to claims from “Airbnb’s high-priced lobbyists ” that his report “The Impact of Airbnb on NYC Rents” contained ” manipulated” or “improperly obtained” data.

Stinger goes on to claim that this sort of denial is common practice for the short-term rental company. Stating that Airbnb will hold “press conferences to try to smear those who dare to question the company’s impact on cities”.

While it is made abundantly clear that Stinger is no fan of Airbnb, he remains firm that the findings of the report were not influenced by his own personal feelings. He states that “Our analysis was based on publicly available, zip code-level data drawn by my office’s staffers directly from AirDNA, a private company that tracks Airbnb listings. Like any report we do, our data are publicly available so that the conspiracy theorists at Airbnb — and everyone else — can see it.”

The findings of this report were by no means unbelievable, claiming that “about 9% of the overall rent increase in New York City in recent years could be attributed to Airbnb”.

In the end, Stinger seems to simply want Airbnb to be more transparent and accountable regarding their impact on the global rental market. He ends his piece with the direct instruction to the company to “stop distracting and release the raw data on its New York City users”.

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