Notes from the Special Event 2013

March 15, 2013


By John Peckham

For the fourth year in a row, I had the pleasure of attending The Special Event. The 2013 TSE was held in Chicago this January, preceded by the International Special Event Society Leadership Meetings. As always, event professionals from around the globe gathered to share and learn about the very best in the events industry. I attended this year’s event with video cameras in hand, filming educational seminars, booths on the show floor, and the many spectacular showcasing events.

While networking with event industry leaders from around the world I found I was among many from St. Louis attending the Chicago show. For years, St. Louis has played an important role in TSE and ISES Leadership. I was joined on my journey by seven other ISES St. Louis Board Members and dozens of other St. Louis event professionals. We discovered Scotty O’Brien of Club Shine exhibiting on the expo show floor. In fact, we stood on his interactive LED video dance floor while talking about his experience exhibiting at TSE. His booth was packed with onlookers intrigued by the illuminated moving images below their feet. The 20 x 20 foot video dance floor displayed music videos, live video, photos, branding, logos, monograms and anything else you could imagine. The floor is fully customizable and can be configured in other various shapes and was one of the hits of the exhibit. It will also be featured at the 14th Annual ISES Louie Awards, March 15th at the Sheet Metal Grand Hall. My interview with Scotty and his video dance floor can be seen on MeetTV at this link:

I caught up with Douglas Hall just before he began his presentation on event entertainment. Doug has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years as a promoter, producer, venue manager, talent buyer, consultant, and now as Principal of TalentPlus Entertainment, a multimarket national entertainment agency located in Saint Louis. While Hall usually spends his day guiding a team of entertainment specialists, he also serves as the Vice Chair of the Association of Entertainment Professionals Worldwide (AEP). At TSE, Doug presented on an international panel of seasoned entertainment experts. In the session, “From The Trenches …. Talent Buying (with war stories from some of the pros)”, panelists shared secrets of talent buying and production, discussed how to recognize early signs that trouble may be on the horizon, and offered steps to ensure the success of your event. Doug was kind enough to take a few minutes for a video interview with me on his experience at TSE. My interview with Doug can be seen on MeetTV at this link:

John Peckham is an event technologies consultant, video producer and president of ISES – St. Louis chapter. Contact him at: [email protected]



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