New Multi-Language Interpretation Tool Launched for Interactive Meetings  


Interprefy Now is designed specifically for meetings that require active participation, such as advisory boards and investigator sessions, rather than just passive listening to presentations. As the participation of international physicians in these meetings grows, life science companies must ensure clear and effective communication.

While many physicians can comprehend English well enough to follow presentations at large conferences, interactive sessions like investigator meetings and advisory boards demand real-time translation, which becomes increasingly complex when multiple languages are involved.

Interprefy, a provider specializing in AI-generated translations for events, has launched a new product designed for smaller, interactive meetings. The app Interprefy Now enables a meeting leader to use their phone to share meeting-specific QR codes with participants. Attendees scan the QR code to access the app on their phones, where they can select their preferred language for listening and speaking during the meeting.

The process is simple: a participant presses a button on their phone screen to speak and presses it again when finished, allowing others to take their turn. Each participant hears the conversation in their chosen language through earbuds, and subtitles are displayed on their screens, ensuring everyone can follow along seamlessly.

Interprefy Now is designed for gatherings where everyone is expected to participate actively. It also can be used for gatherings other than meetings, like guided tours, coaching, or training sessions. Additionally, the app offers customizable glossaries for each language required.

Requiring a monthly subscription that is customizable, Interprefy Now is an innovative solution for facilitating interactive discussions in multilingual settings, ensuring effective communication and participation for all attended.


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