Missouri Unemployment Recovery is One of the Quickest in Nation

July 16, 2020

According to the “States Whose Unemployment Claims are Recovering the Quickest” report conducted by WalletHub, Missouri has experienced one of the quickest unemployment recoveries compared to the rest of the states.  This analysis focuses on each state’s prior week recover, recovery since the start of COVID-19, and change in unemployment claims over multiple durations of time.  The table below reflects the top ten state’s unemployment recovery analytics.

States Whose Unemployment Claims Are Recovering the Quickest

State Recovered Most Since Last Week  Recovered Most Since Start of COVID-19 Crisis
Oregon 1 2
Wyoming 2 5
Connecticut 3 1
Pennsylvania 4 10
Michigan 5 36
West Virginia 6 24
Rhode Island 7 14
Missouri 8 20
New York 9 17
Montana 10 11

Detailed Findings

State Change in Unemployment Claims (Latest Week vs. Last Year)* Change in Unemployment Claims (Latest Week vs Start of 2020)** Change in Unemployment Claims (Since Start of COVID-19 Crisis vs. Last Year)***
Oregon 122.37% 64.67% 814.73%
Wyoming 180.36% 87.61% 916.34%
Connecticut 206.14% 26.91% 760.25%
Pennsylvania 196.82% 61.75% 1006.20%
Michigan 208.97% 88.51% 1662.22%
West Virginia 205.79% 146.55% 1272.36%
Rhode Island 248.43% 52.13% 1036.61%
Missouri 249.78% 111.63% 1214.06%
New York 260.34% 104.22% 1163.23%
Montana 299.00% 80.13% 1012.74%

To view the full report, click here.


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