Missouri Hyperloop Feasibility Study: The Next Epicenter of 21st Century Travel

“Missouri was the birthplace of the highway system and could now be the keystone of a nationwide hyperloop network”, stated Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One.

Black & Veatch and Olsson Associates  recently completed a nine-month feasibility study that looked at the possibility of a hyperloop to connect Saint Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia Missouri. The study confirmed that the expanse of land in Missouri would be ideal for multiple reasons.

“I think people forget nationwide how innovative Missouri is and that they have such a history of innovation, espcially in construction and transportation” stated Ryan Kelly, head of marketing and communications for Hyperloop One. He went on to say that he is “really rooting for Missouri” and that Missouri “could be the epicenter of the transportation of the 21st century in the same way it revolutionized the way that we travel around the country now by car.”

Not only would the hyperloop cut down on time–making the trip from St. Louis to Kansas City only 28 minutes instead of the three and half hours it takes by car and shaving down the commute time to Columbia to only 15 minutes from Saint Louis to Kansas City. But, the trip will also be affordable with an estimated price tag of $30 one way.

For the original story, written by Leslie Collins for the Kansas City Business Journal, click here. 

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