MEET Magazine Publisher Gives Insights on Book Publishing

September 11, 2020

Joe Clote, Group Publisher of the MEET magazines, Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, and the MPI CMP-HC Training Manual, has partnered with “Business Inside and Out” to provide insight into how companies and individuals can successfully self-publish a book(s).

Through this radio show, Clote has outlined the preliminary thought process authors need to consider before embarking on the self-publishing process, highlighted various trends over the years, debunked key concepts that are commonly misunderstood, and conveyed the complexities within converting ideas into finished products.

To listen to Clote’s self-publishing insights, click here.

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Dr. Stan Fine, The Business Doctor, is a 10-year radio show veteran.  He uses his “Business Inside and Out” platform to deliver valuable information that will help businesses expand and become more profitable.  To learn more about “Business Inside and Out”, click here.


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