Medical Conferences from a Physician’s Perspective


Dr. Larry Halverson, MD, a retired family physician from Springfield, Missouri, will be providing medical meeting insights in upcoming articles about medical conferences from a doctor’s perspective. Dr. Halverson has over 49 years of experience in the medical field and has attended several medical conferences throughout his career. He will share his perspective on what stood out at the conferences he’s attended, what worked well, and what could be improved upon. He will also give his viewpoint on the outside-of-event incentives and activities preferences, like entertainment, fine dining, golf, etc. Halverson’s insights will give medical meeting and event planners an inside look into the perspectives of the physicians attending their conferences.

Dr. Halverson received his MD from Oklahoma University Medical School and began practicing family medicine in 1978 in Aurora, Missouri. In 1987, he launched a new family medicine residency in Springfield and served as program director of Cox Family Medicine Residency until 2008. After stepping down as program director, Dr. Halverson continued to practice and teach medicine and investigate approaches to improve community health. He retired in 2013 but continues to write blogs and articles for the medical community.

In 2020, Dr. Halverson published Windblown, a biography that capsulizes the life and legend of Dr. Richard S. Buker Jr., MD. For nearly 50 years, Dr. Buker practiced comprehensive family medicine in relatively isolated town, Chester, Montana. Practicing during an era of tumultuous political, cultural, and healthcare transitions, Dr. Buker’s life was an inspiration to the small community of Chester. His story offers insights into what might help us reconsider our current healthcare system and better understand what matters in medicine.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles from Dr. Halverson!


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