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June 28, 2011


Dressing up Chairs

Take a moment to picture a chair cover. Chances are what will come to mind is a white satin piece  with a sash of color used and overused at weddings across the country. Well, erase that image and instead replace it with a bouncy party dress or a sleek sophisticated gown, because chair covers have been transformed. The latest trend in chair covers is modeling the styles after the latest runway fashions. These modern creations do more than exemplify a color theme, they add a level of style and sophistication few other décor elements can offer. Just as fashion doesn’t come in any one shape or size, planners will find a variety of styles available in today’s chair covers. From ruffles to petals and flouncy to A-line, the variety available will meet the needs of numerous event themes and styles.

Another exciting and fresh approach to dressing up chairs is weaving table runners through the backs of chiavari chairs. Table runners come in numerous color and texture options. To hold them in place, designers are using classic brooches, which add a little bling.

There’s an App for That

As smart phones and iPads become increasingly common, planners should be excited to find this technology has applications for events and meetings. iPads have been showing up at registration booths containing guest lists and other pertinent check-in information.

Even more exciting are some of the apps that are specifically designed for planners. First and foremost is Super Planner. This app can help determine room capacity numbers, show how to set a proper place setting, and calculate projector distances, staging, catering numbers and more. A few other apps worth checking out include QuickMobile, ShowGuide and PlanMyEvent. Need more suggestions? Then check out an online portal for apps that may be helpful to meeting and event planners.

Consider taking apps a step further and having a custom one created for your meeting or event. A custom app can be used to help promote your event, connect attendees or keep guests engaged even after the fact.

And the Color of the Year Is….

Each year fashion designers, graphic artists and corporate marketing professionals anxiously anticipate Pantone’s naming of the color of the year. The wait is over. The 2011 color of the year is Honeysuckle, and just in case you were wondering, last year’s color was turquoise. Since the honeysuckle that grows wild on garden fences comes in a variety of shades, the term honeysuckle will evoke thoughts of a wide range of colors from yellow to red. However, the official Pantone honeysuckle is a reddish-pink – not as deep as a magenta, but more along the lines of a very saturated rose. Planners should expect this color to make the rounds for the next few years.

If you would like to weave touches of honeysuckle into your next event, visit The site offers downloads of honeysuckle for Adobe applications, links to designers creating wedding attire in the hue and even suggestions on appropriate shades to pair with this popular color.

A few other shades are showing up repeatedly in event décor. Chrome is popular. Sleek and contemporary, it can serve as a backdrop for other colors or as the entire color scheme. In addition, bold colors are making their mark on events, with furniture rental companies offering classic tufted sofas in shades such as lime, copper and purple.

Japanese Influence

Even before Japan became a regular news topic, the influence of Japanese culture was playing an increasing role in events. One of the clearest examples is sake tastings. This rice-based alcoholic beverage is increasingly popular, and tasting events are sweeping the country.

Like wine or beer tastings, sake tastings are simple to prepare, but planners should be sure to include samples that appeal to a wide range of tastes. What makes sake tastings unique is the option of adding temperature to the mix. Feel free to try the same sake at different temperatures, or start with sake that is known for being served best warm, and work the tasting toward cooler temperatures.

Another Japanese influenced trend that is starting to spread through the international event market is karaoke boxes. These small to mid-sized rooms seen in numerous travel shows and movies about Japan are being recreated for parties. To create an authentic feel, consider playing Japanese pop music, called J-pop, through the venue or showing J-pop videos between karaoke sets.

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