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September 1, 2010


Fun Sweets
Fall is a season for sweets – Halloween candies, Thanksgiving desserts and holiday delights. As sugary temptations take center stage, be sure to check out a couple that are getting rave reviews in the event world – Cake Pops and French macarons. What could be more delicious than moist cake mixed with rich butter cream icing? Moist cake with butter cream icing dipped in candy coating and placed on a stick! Springfield’s own The Cake Pop Company is taking orders from across the country for its decadent and fun cake pop creations. In fact, the delicious pops are a celebrity favorite on both coasts.
Hollywood and event planners are fans of the pops not only for the delicious taste, but the variety of colors that are available. For a recent Warner Brothers event, The Cake Pop Company created three custom colors to match the event décor. In addition, the company offers pops that are gluten-, egg-, dairy- and nut- free. French macarons are not the coconut macaroons of your childhood. Instead these airy, crunchy, chewy cookies with delicious creamy fillings are known for turning first-time tasters into long-time addicts. A staple in Paris, these colorful cookies have crossed the pond and are perfect for events. French macarons can be made in almost any color, allowing an event theme or company colors to be mimicked in a delightful confection.
Find French macarons in Kansas City at Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott ( and in St. Louis at La Bonne Bouchée ( To get your own cake pops, contact The Cake Pop Company at

I Can See Clearly Now
If you do events on the coasts, you have seen it for a few years – acrylic event furniture. These clear pieces of furniture are a chic choice for event planners seeking a modern feel. Until recently, if you wanted to bring this look to the Show Me state, you had to be ready to pay the big bucks. But now these stylish options are available locally. There are a variety of acrylic tables available, some with an LED light in their stands, giving the piece a warm glow in the color of your choice. For a more traditional look, use white linens and let the glow illuminate the entire cloth.
The perfect mate for an acrylic table is a set of Chiavari chairs. Both elegant and contemporary, the chairs are sure to wow guests while giving any room a more spacious feel.
For local vendors, please visit

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