Magic, Love, and Fun


By Rebekah Icenesse

After two pandemic-filled years, the world is shifting back to familiar grounds, including full-capacity weddings. Ending the mask requirements and capacity limits, wedding parties begin to return to their natural habitats of loose fun and creativity. And what better way to dazzle your wedding than some unique entertainment ideas that set yours apart from others?

Circus and Fortunes

For your magical day, add some actual magic. Create a circus-themed ceremony, or only include a few circus acts to bring some mystical fun. Circus Kaput, a St. Louis entertainment circus that caters all over Missouri, can make your circus fantasies come to life. With stilt walkers, magicians, jugglers, aerialists, acrobats, mimes, and fire performers, Circus Kaput has everything you need to make your wedding ceremony and reception a larger-than-life show.


Along with the up-close entertainment of circus performers, fortune tellers and psychics add another dimension to your party. If you want to know the fate of your destined love and future, bring in a crystal ball, some tarot cards, and a mysterious fortune teller to feel your spirit and speak to your soul.

Whether the circus acts are big or small, bring a spectacular show to your wedding that your guests will never forget.

Animals, Oh My!

Brookdale Farms is a Eureka wedding venue that offers scenic landscapes and farm animals for your big day. But you don’t have to have your wedding at a farm or ranch to have animals be a part of your love celebration. Some couples like to release doves to fly after the nuptials, others want to ride in a princess-esqe horse-drawn carriage, and some even include their cuddly pets. For the nontraditional animal incorporation, you can release butterflies instead of doves. Or a petting zoo with llamas, alpacas, and goats can complete a rustic theme.

If you would like to include animals in your wedding celebrations, don’t forget to treat the animals with love and kindness. Animals can add a fun, cuddly layer to your wedding, but only if using precautions and considerations.


Swimming in Synch

Cue the music and lights. A unique performance for the wedding reception is a choreographed routine with glammed-up swimmers. If the wedding venue has a pool or an open water source, synchronized swimmers are a fantastic way to get the party started. Aquabatix USA is a swim team specializing in water entertainment all over the United States. The synchronized swimmers will kick off the reception party with a lively routine guaranteed to make a splash. Aquabatix also has mermaids and mermen to entertain party guests near the pool.

Food Bars and Trends

Food is always a favorite of any party or wedding, and catering is no different. While the wedding reception meal typically differs between a full course meal and a buffet, the smaller food tables are where you can really have some creative fun. If your reception serves alcohol, go the Great Gatsby route and have a champagne tower. Nothing screams glamorous partying like champagne flowing into fancy glasses. A DIY cocktail bar is also a way to bring more creativity among guests.

Excluding alcohol, sweeten up your reception with a different type of bar. Create your own s’mores bar, equipped with burner flames, golden graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and delicious chocolates. Or you can have a waffle bar (who doesn’t love waffles?) to add a little extra sweetness to the party.

Besides food, everyone also loves taking home goodie bags. Instead of (or included with) the traditional wedding goodie bag, let each guest take home a succulent or flower arrangement. Set up a table with different flowers so guests can make their own flower bouquets to take home.

Don’t be afraid to go outside the traditional wedding box. This will be the most memorable day of your life, so make it unforgettable.


Rebekah Icenesse is a contributing writer from St. Louis.

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