Lights, Camera, Sound! From Live Events to Digital Productions, and Everything in Between, Cashmark Media Has You Covered

December 30, 2010

Cover CashmarkBy Heather McNeill

The International Symposium on Agro Terrorism conference for the Federal Bureau of Investigation required some extensive skill. The conference, at the Hyatt hotel in Kansas City, was a live switch show, which meant it required multiple cameras and equipment to mix the input from those cameras into a single recording. It also demanded flawless sound and custom-built set design features that would help engage the audience of about 400 people. The producer of the event, Craig Hill, who has produced events across the country for about 25 years, needed to find someone who had the equipment and expertise he needed. That person was Daryn Cashmark of Cashmark Media.
“The biggest problem I’ve experienced is trying to find a competent video production company,” says Hill. “Probably the most experienced and well equipped company is Cashmark. He had everything I needed.” This event is a good example of the work Cashmark Media does, and how it approaches events. First, the company has some specialized equipment that many companies in the region don’t have. Second, it has the expertise in both digital and live event production, which can bring a higher level of service and quality to your audio visual needs. “Cashmark is just nice to work with— and it’s not just him. He has a great staff,” says Kim Krump, senior executive adminstrator and senior sales coordinator for CareFusion, a company specializing in surgical products and services. “They’re funny, they help you through the meeting. They’re just great people. He’s just compiled a great team.” Customized service is Kansas Citybased Cashmark Media’s specialty, so its clients are as diverse as the services it offers. At one event, Cashmark might be working alongside other companies that have hired the company to do one component, such as video for meeting sessions. At another, its role might be in an equipment rental capacity. Often the company is hired directly by planners and takes on the majority of a mid-sized group’s audio-visual needs. “We don’t do tiny meetings, but we could provide A/V for breakout sessions… if we’re doing the general session,” says Cashmark. “We do general session stuff—really whatever is needed.” If you need live event production, digital event production, or equipment rental, it’s likely that Cashmark Media can provide it.

“People ask us what we primarily do, and I have a really hard time answering that,” Cashmark says. “We do everyeverything! We do full HD video production for corporate training, corporate marketing, TV commercials, full broadcast— live-to-tape programs. We also do corporate meetings—sound, lighting, and video production.” Cashmark’s previous company, EP Systems, founded with another business partner in 1989, handled large musical events, including rock shows at the Sandstone Amphitheater and the Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival. When he started up Cashmark Media with his wife Lana in 2001, he wanted to both specialize and expand. “Whereas EP Systems focused more on lighting and staging, we want to be able to offer pretty much everything— if you need scenic, if you need sets for your stage, if you need video production work done, if you want us to edit your meeting afterward and produce DVDs—we can do all that now.” In the area of live event production, Cashmark offers all the video, sound, lighting, and scenic production you might need for a mid-sized meeting. Cashmark Media’s approach to lighting, for instance, involves not only creating good lighting in the room, but ensuring that it looks right on video. “A lot of times you go in and the lighting looks fine if you’re looking at it, but on video it looks horrible,” says Cashmark. “What we really try to do, is make sure that the lighting is done so that the video looks good, too.”

The company also focuses on digital production services. In addition to recording and producing DVDs of meeting sessions, the company can create media materials that incorporate your business’s or sponsor’s logos or include custom graphics. Cashmark Media also has a studio space and editing suite where it has assisted clients in recording for television or “webisodes” as well as editing video projects. Pat Josey, vice president of Palmer Marketing Direct, a direct mail marketing company based in the Kansas City area, has been impressed by the company’s response to the customer and the extra touches it has added to the meetings. She says the complementary materials Cashmark Media created for her company’s meetings were executed in a timely fashion. They were professional and went beyond her expectations, such as a video tribute Cashmark Media created for the company to honor a leader who had passed away. Josey says Palmer has used Cashmark Media for several events over the past four years. “We have a slide presentation that we do — that’s how our retailers see our products — and they have large screens and they hang them from the ceiling. We have entertainment at night, and they do sound. It’s been great. They’re so easy to work with and very accommodating. They make it easy.” She says the planning of these events has also been simple. “We usually have a couple of meetings that have less upfront planning and are much the same every year. Now that we’ve done it so many times, we can sit down with the people at Cashmark, and they’ll ask if there’s anything you want to change, anything new.” Cashmark sums up his company’s approach similarly. “There are some planners who have a really great idea of what they want…for those, we basically just go down the list and if we see there is a specific item or glaring omission, something we can suggest,” he says. “But then we’ve got others who say, ‘Hey, we’ve got a meeting, what would you suggest?’, and we can help in either way. If they need help with the A/V aspect of it, we’d be happy to give them our best advice as far as what to do, how best to handle whatever they’re trying to present.”

Cashmark describes some of the more unusual pieces of equipment the company has in its warehouse. Some of these are huge inflatable screens that can be put up on event sites, such as golf courses or open fields. There is a large trailer that can keep equipment safe from the elements at major outdoor events. There are portable LED screens made up of individual tiles, similar to those you might see at a large football stadium, “only smaller, of course,” Cashmark says. Hill, the producer of the Agro Terrorism conference, stresses that this quality equipment is not just found anywhere. But it’s not just the equipment, it’s the expertise that comes with it that has made Cashmark Media’s services particularly useful for his events. “You get this Rolls Royce service from this guy who is very dedicated, and you get it for a very, very fair price,” Hill says. Cashmark says many of the company’s corporate clients are planners or creative administrative assistants who have a particular vision or a concept they want to bring to life. “What we’re really specialized in is helping them get the sets so they look right, get the lighting so it looks good on video… and making sure that it’s just as close to flawless as possible,” he says.   MM&E

(Heather McNeill is a contributor from Kansas City, Mo.)

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