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December 30, 2010


Does your world seem smaller? Have you had particular events in your life that made you think your connection to Africa, Europe or China was not so distant or strange after all? Welcome to globalization. If you’ve not had this experience, just wait.

Soon you may be asked to plan a reception that needs an international flair. It may be a business from Germany looking to open its North American headquarters, and the company wants to kick off with a spectacular ribbon cutting and future client appreciation parties. This scenario will play out in St. Louis as Schattdecor opens a new $69 million facility.

Sainte Genevieve welcomes groups from France and Canada each year who want to see authentic post in ground architecture and French history, demonstrating that deep cultural roots will produce groups that are able to spend money, attend cultural events, and possibly relocate their businesses to the region. Helene Lucas, our intern from France, enjoyed a recent trip to Sainte Genevieve and even blogged about it to friends and family back home. See what I mean about the world getting smaller?

During a recent planner forum led by Rob Schaefer, many of us realized that typical foods served at a reception can be brought to life by adding a pinch of culture to the evening. Rob shares with you some great ideas that you can watch on the MM&E Web site; just click on the video link and be prepared to take notes.

The China Hub in St. Louis will produce many opportunities for meeting and event industry partners. They can participate in what could be the revival of the region’s transportation system. One more reason you should understand other cultures’ similarities and differences, as it will mean jobs for the region.

On November 13-15, a delegation from Germany will be attending meetings in St. Louis and Missouri Meetings & Events would like to welcome them as they continue to network with area businesses in both cultural and economic exchanges.

I would like to welcome the Mayor of Stuttgart, Germany, to Saint Louis, Missouri. We are proud to host his delegation again to our region of the world and hope to foster more commerce and cultural exchange between our communities. As Missouri grows into its full potential in the international business sector it, will also realize the exchange of ideas, cultures, and faiths from all those who wish to learn and grow outside of what they have been told.

Joseph W. Clote
Group Publisher
[email protected]

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