Letter From the Publisher

June 1, 2008


Joseph Clote

For those of you who could not attend the PLAN it GREEN™ Expo in St. Louis on March 24 and 25, you missed a very green event and a number of great prizes. But please don’t take my word for it. Let some of the comments from planners and suppliers tell you what they thought of the seventh annual trade show (see story by Julia Johnson).

The Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark was a great venue for hosting this event. Just weeks before the Expo, drywall dust and hard hats were plentiful at the hotel site, where a major addition and renovation project was taking place – and for anyone who works in “show business,” that would certainly be cause for concern. But hotel owner Lodging Hospitality Management pulled it off, delivering on its commitment to have the property ready for our 2008 St. Louis Regional Expo PLAN it GREEN™, in the beautiful new Arch View Ballroom. And there was no drywall dust in sight.

The logistics for building new meeting space onto a hotel closely parallel what the meetings and events industry does on a daily basis, which is PLAN! If you want to hold your event in a newly constructed space, you can also turn to Kansas City for a downtown that is hard to beat (see story by Michael Humphrey). Actually, much of this issue talks about new construction going on around the state and how, as a planner, your job may be made easier by it. The restaurant business is going through a consolidation of sorts, and restaurants constructing meeting space onto their operations may be finding an edge over their counterparts. One such place is the new F15teen restaurant in St. Louis (see story by Lisa Lance).

We all know the importance of insurance, don’t we! And we all know the importance of food at our meetings. So what happens when these two worlds come together, as they did at this year’s St. Louis PLAN it GREEN™ Expo? Our lunch speaker was Richard Gaines of The Daniel and Henry Co. His topic was event insurance, and his tagline was, “There isn’t a problem until there is a claim.”

At the Expo breakfast, one attendee had an unfortunate choking episode, but a few quick-thinking individuals sprang into action and assisted the person in need. The guest still had difficulty breathing, and was taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

The point of this story is that the person returned to the hotel and at 12:08 p.m. greeted me just outside the ballroom where Richard Gaines was speaking. “I did not want to miss the insurance topic,” the guest told me. Now that’s a focused planner.

This story has many upsides. First, the person was saved by quick-acting individuals; and second, the topic is very important and one you should not miss hearing. So, for any of you who missed Richard Gaines’ key presentation about how the event insurance industry works, please go to www.MissouriMeetingsAndEvents.com and watch the MEET-TV video in which he presents this very important information. I promise it will dispel some significant myths about your event insurance policy.

Make plans to SAVE the date, SAVE the frog, SAVE the planet and SAVE some money by registering now for the 2008 Kansas City Regional Expo PLAN it GREEN™. It will be held in the beautifully remodeled Sheraton Sports Complex Hotel. As we did in St. Louis (see the Publisher’s Letter in the Spring 2008 issue), we will donate 10 percent of all planner registration proceeds to the Amphibian Ark project.

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