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Poets and wise folk through the ages have written eloquently on the promise of spring, so I won’t insult them or you be re-hashing their words. The bottom line is simply this: by winter’s end, we are tired of dragging our heavy coats around, sick of watching the weather report with a ball of anxiety in our gut and are ready for the eternal hope and sense of freedom a warm day has to offer. During the first few wonderfully warm, sunny days of springtime, it seems that all is right with the world. People smile at you and say, “Nice day,” as you pass them on the street. Neighbors drag wheelbarrows and rakes out of their garages and whistle while they begin the yard work that will keep them busy through the dog days of August. It’s that sense of renewal that we hope to capture this year with our “Spring Break 2005” expo at America’s Center March 15. We truly want you to “take a one-day spring break” with us and experience helpful how-to seminars, networking breaks and a luncheon as well as a trade show that can open up your mind to new ideas and refresh your approach to your career. I urge you to review its contents carefully, then register for this opportunity to re-charge your professional life.

Our cover and accompanying story feature Branson’s exquisite Chateau on the Lake, on of our state’s truly outstanding properties. Beyond its wonderful location and appointments, this property offers what planners truly crave: service.

In this issue, we also explore the impact that music has on events. Our first piece deals with music licensing and hot to protect yourself from litigation, while our second piece asks the question: “Does Music Soothe the Savage Event?” Our writer, Kevin Mitchell, is uniquely qualified to write the piece; as a band leader, he is able to give planners good ideas on how to work with bands, and his list of do’s and don’ts is very useful.

This issue also gives us the opportunity to meet two remarkable brothers, Steve and Michael Roberts, who have made a huge impact on a variety of businesses and have recently begun to focus their efforts in the hospitality industry. Owners of the Roberts Mayfair, a historic property in downtown St. Louis, they recently purchased the nearby American Theatre and renamed it Roberts Orpheum Theater.

As the seasons warm, planners start to look for outdoor venues. We asked Contributing Editor Michael Humphrey to explore what kinds of opportunities exist on Missouri’s waterways, and his piece “Rich Rivers” provides a number of options for where an interesting past is making way for a promising future.

We explore three fascinating facilities, including the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City; the College of the Ozarks’ Keeter Center; and new the Saint Charles Convention Center. Plus, we explore three fabulous restaurants: Kansas City’s Capital Grille and St. Louis’ Monarch and JBucks, and meet their chefs.

So crank open the sunroof and turn up the radio. It’s time to shake off the winter doldrums and welcome spring with open arms.

Jean Kennedy

Editor in Chief

[email protected]

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