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November 1, 2007


Joseph Clote

If you missed the Kansas City Regional Expo, “Magical Meetings ~ Enchanted Events,” at the Overland Park Marriott October 8-9, then you missed one hypnotizing show. Ricky Kalmon made quick work of some attendees’ abilities to “relax and focus” on his suggestions.

Planners, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, volunteers and staff made this expo one to remember. (Or if you were on stage, one you can’t remember.) For those of you who missed out, Michael Humphrey does a great recap of the expo.

While many of you see the benefits to reading Missouri Meetings & Events magazine (visual learning), you also have experienced auditory learning at our expo as you listened to great speakers. You may not realize that when you do a site visit, you are using kinesthetic learning. As you eat the food during a tasting or check out the comfort of a “heavenly bed,” you are applying one of the ways in which we all learn. Sarah Jamieson will help you understand these three types of learning so you can better receive and transmit information at your next meeting.

This winter issue has some warm ideas for your holiday party, fundraiser or corporate event that you may not readily think of. Sylvia Forbes, a new writer for Missouri Meetings & Events magazine, shows us how winter and the Lake of the Ozarks do go together. Her article on page 38 gives you some off-season, budget-saving ideas.

When was the last time you looked at a place setting on a table and drew a blank on which fork to pick up first? Rob Schaefer in his Table Matters article gives you an easy guide to help you through the awkward moments at corporate functions. Rob’s top ten dining tips could also save you from making embarrassing choices.

Our cover story, by Kathryn Buckstaff on the new Branson Convention Center has many groups looking at this spectacular option. While certainly, this convention center and the adjoining Hilton hotel will raise the bar in the region, they also make the Branson region a double threat as it marches on as one of the TOP leisure travel destinations in the United States. What’s next in Branson? An airport!

Kansas City will be the next region to watch as it begins in March 2008 to open many of the development projects that have been under construction. But with all this NEW development around Missouri, how much of it has embraced the “GREEN” mantra? The impact on the environment or the use of resources is now a reality that all of us in the travel industry need to put ACTION behind. So please join MM&E next year as we theme our 2008 trade show series PLAN-IT GREENsm. Please contact us if you have an example of a person or company who is putting the PLAN-IT GREENsm. concept into action. We will feature them throughout 2008 for their efforts.



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