Learn How to Successfully Work Trade Shows


Trade shows are powerful platforms for businesses to showcase their products, network with industry peers, and generate leads. However, achieving success at a trade show requires meticulous planning, strategic execution, and effective engagement. The primary objective of a tradeshow is not only to gain more attention toward your business, but also establish a relationship network that can contribute and further the success of your brand.

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Richard Avdoian

In Successfully Working Trade Shows, Richard Avdoian provides practical tips on how to attract new clients, strengthen your brand, and make more sales. With tips on how to be successful at a trade show, and insight into types of promotional products to display and how to remain focused and engaged during the tradeshow, you can strategically plan your next tradeshow and make it a success!

Avdoian will be a presenter at MEET Missouri’s Fall 2023 MEET UP! on November 8. In this breakout session, Avdoian will provide proven insights on achieving tangible outcomes from trade shows. While these events attract attention to products/services, the significant cost of attending tradeshows underscores the need for careful planning. Learn what you can do before, during, and after attending tradeshows to maximize return on investment.

For more information on the Fall 2023 MEET UP! visit: https://meetrmags.com/meetup/

To purchase a copy of Successfully Working Trade Shows, contact Richard at richard@richardavdoian.com


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