Lake of the Ozarks Region

Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council (LOREDC) is set to Begin Housing Study

The LOREDC Board is providing official notice that the first series of stakeholder group meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 8th. These meetings are being held at Osage Beach City Hall. Additional community meetings will be held in the coming month. Official notices with dates, times and locations will be provided at least two weeks ahead of these meetings.

More information on housing plans:

What is a housing plan? A housing study or plan is a document focused on the LOREDC region’s housing supply. It addresses historic trends, the current condition of housing, changes in the real estate market, indexes how affordable housing is in the region, and projects demand for future housing across a range of types and price points. After analyzing this data, the plan makes specific policy and program recommendations that the cities and counties can implement to address issues and challenges facing the housing market.

Why is a plan needed? Communities across Missouri are experiencing change. Increasing growth and development pressure can strain local resources, inconvenience residents, and present a challenge to housing affordability. No growth or slow growth in a housing market also can bring problems, including stagnant or declining tax revenues and deteriorating and substandard housing. A housing plan is intended to give policy makers and housing developers a guidebook and a tool kit to ensure a healthy and functioning housing market that offers opportunities for safe, affordable housing to all residents.

How is the plan implemented? Once completed, housing plans can be implemented through several interlocking means. Of course, the cities and counties have a role in guiding land use and ensuring safe construction and habitable residential structures. Frequently, a local housing authority or non-profit organization will contribute their knowledge and skills in developing housing for those of the most modest means. Finally, in almost all cases, the policies and recommendations in a housing study will be designed to create a private market response to housing need as well. The document, by taking a holistic look at the regional housing market, invites a broad-based response to improving the overall housing quality and market health.

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